Ninja is especially good at moving in the dark. Ninlite has the same characteristic. With clear bright eyes ─ 20000mcd ultra-wide-angle LED and indomitable spirit - running time more than 100 hours, Ninlite would help you to travel at night. Now follow their pace and ride in the dark!



  1. 1. Cool but adorable design.
  2. 2. Can be fixed on any part of bicycle.
  3. 3. Two ultra-angle LEDs provide 20000mcd brightness and visibility up to 600 meters.
  4. 4. Three colors of flexible body with 2 LED options (white/red).
  5. 5. Function: Flash >Steady > Off
  6. 6. Running Time: 100 hrs battery life
  7. 7. Easy install, available on diameter ø 10- ø 35mm.
  8. 8. Use two pieces of CR2032 batteries.